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Too Much Law

by Jale Weir |

I was listening to the radio the other day, when NPR ran a story about one person who was caught in a loop. Being put in jail for not paying fines, and being unable to pay those fines because jail time and the economy interrupted his ability to earn.

“The U.S. Constitution, the Ohio Constitution, and Ohio Revised Code all prohibit debtors’ prisons. The law requires that, before jailing anyone for unpaid fines, courts must determine whether an individual is too poor to pay. Jailing a person who is unable to pay violates the law, and yet municipal courts and mayors’ courts across the state continue this draconian practice.”

via Widespread, illegal debtors’ prisons in Ohio – Boing Boing

What amazed me about this story was not that judges and law enforcement were breaking the law, but that a significant group of judges were unaware that this was illegal. If judges and law enforcement don’t know, and cant keep current on the law, why are the People expected to obey them? Some of them knew it was illegal and continued to do it anyway. 

“In the ever growing complexity of our society we are facing ever growing rules and regulations, or Laws as we call them.

January 1st. 2010 was a big milestone in this scary look into the future with the introduction of 40,627 new laws that went into effect throughout the nation and its territories. That is some 800 on average per state in the union, covering as widely diverse topics as texting while driving to mold removal in homes and criminal laws against people who scam other people.”

via How many Laws are there on the books in the USA?.

“We are a country of too many laws and rules. There are millions of laws and rules that apply to the citizens of our country. The IRS rules alone can fill a medium-sized room with paper. No one person has read all of the laws and rules of our country, or could read them. These billions of words apply to each of us but there is not enough time to read them all. Many are selectively applied to citizens, often for political reasons.

How did we get so many laws and rules? Lawmakers pass new laws each session on top of the thousands upon thousands of laws already on the books. The media talks about the laws that get passed as if passing more laws was the sole function of the legislators. They must add lots of new laws every session. Additionally, bureaucrats come up with new rules on top of the multitudes of rules already governing our every action. The number and complexity of these are multiplied by our court’s interpretations.

Often these laws and rules are contradictory – such that two Americans doing exactly the same thing are treated quite differently by our government. It was not always this way. In my little slice of heaven we had the Code of the West. This was before the lawyers took over our country.”

via A country of too many laws and rules |

I thought that the whole point of having a Constitution, was to have a document, by which the government receives its powers. The government has no authority to step outside those powers. Why is it that the People have to use the courts system to force the government to stay within the law?

The only reason that our government can continue to break the law, is that their illegal activities are backed up by lethal force or incarceration. That sounds nothing like a free and democratic society to me.

Our only hope, is to replace the entire congress in one election, and repeal, repeal, repeal. I don’t mean the health care reform.


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