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The Nature of Democracy?

by Jalen Weir |

I recently watched the Matrix, and had trouble refuting Mr. Smith’s classification of humanity as parasitic. How is it that nature will always fall into equilibrium, yet humans, with all of our intellect, cannot seem to accomplish this?

The core reason that we have a climate issue is our failure to understand Democracy. Nature lives in a true democracy. One bird can change the course of the flock if enough of its members decide they like that direction. In a herd of deer when one is done eating they stand looking in the direction they think the herd should go. When a clear majority forms they go. It’s a communal decision.

We don’t have a democracy, we have a Republic. A system of government where the minority is supposed to have the power to prevent the majority decision. What’s worse is that we have a corrupt Republic, where success is measured by the amount of capital you wield. Unless you can gather enough capital, you cannot be heard. Without the appropriate monetary persuasion, you are neither the majority or the minority.

Our politicians are paid to represent those that can gather enough money. We accept this because the idea that’s been ingrained into us is that because you are rich, you must be smarter and wiser than those who are not. Greed has become the primary motivator, and this is what causes us to behave like parasites, and not like a mammals.

The environmental movement is not about politics. It is not about the control of resources, or the communization of them. It is a move toward democracy. It is a move toward an equilibrium with nature so we do not kill our host, the earth. The planet is a massive garden; we have everything we need to live here forever.

So stop the war chant of spreading freedom and democracy when we are the ones preventing its natural occurrence. Democracy can be more than just a political idea; it can the method by which we return to an equilibrium, and not the way we justify our own greed and parasitic behavior.


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I am at war with fear, on the battleground of concepts.

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